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Makiko Ooka, piano
and Sarah Hong, cello

‘Le Due Muse’ is a cello and piano duo team formed by the Bay Area cellist Sarah Hong and her long time duo partner, Japanese pianist Makiko Ooka They have been played chamber music in the States and Asia since the year 2000

Heegeun Song & Jiwon Evelyn Kwark, violin, Sarah Hong, cello, Sharon Lee Kim, piano, and Jean Ahn, composer/director

“Ari” is a Korean word with multiple meanings: big river, wisdom and beauty. Ensemble Ari is a group of Korean American musicians in the Bay Area who wants to share this  quality with the community. Our mission is to bridge Korea and other communities through western instruments while honoring Korean history and culture. The ensemble gave its debut concert in October, 2014 as a Korean War Memorial Concert, supported by Korean War Memorial Foundation. The Ensemble received grants from Overseas Korean Foundation. 

Amy Hsieh, Jihee Kim, Vicky Wang, Sarah Hong 

'The SFCQ was formed in 2014 by the Juilliard school alumni cellists in the Bay Area. The mission is to share the classical music to all generation with unique theme stories. The group's repertory range is from the baroque to contemporary, classical to popular music'.

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