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Me & My Cello during Shelter in place


When California announced the 'Shelter in Place' order on March 17, 2020, I was thinking it would be only for 3 weeks. I would have never guessed how long it would be lasting. 


In April, I was thinking of playing cello with my family for Mother's Day (5/8 Parent's day) gift for my parents in Korea. I started to record, videotape, and edit the video of my cello playing at home by myself.


I am not someone who is good at technology but am slowly learning it during this time. I still miss playing with other musicians very much, but this seems to work better than nothing. At least, I can share music with my family and friends to encourage them.

I am very grateful!

Sarah Hong, May 2020


Me & My Cello Playlist


Playing Apart Playlist

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