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Teach String Ensemble Online

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The most challenging part after Shelter in Place was the school online classes.

I had to come up with something and switch to online platform in 3 days.

Our school announced to close the school campus from Monday 16 on Fri

day 13 afternoon

and started online classes on Wednesday 18. Me and my chamber music club students were preparing three days Baroque Music Festival from 3/16~18. It was very disappointing moment when I heard that the campus will be closed.

Zoom Class and Spring Concert Videos

My class was focusing on individual growth. It is impossible to play together and hear other's playing with Zoom.

This is what I did with my class students

  • 1:1 meeting (10 minutes per student)

  • Sectional classes

  • Office hour for Q & A

  • Video progress tests

  • Video recording individual part for the spring concert

  • Music Video final presentation

  • Weekly Practice Homework and Reward

  • Class Party

Lots of video postings on Google Classroom on each section and comments

I have choose a lot of music for my class, but we get to play only two songs for the Spring Concert final video. Pachelbel Canon in D and Sundance. It was my husband's first try, but he helped my class video together successfully. It took so many hours and effort! Video is good, but it can not be totally replaced with live concert experience.

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